Finell just made your life a whole lot easier!

posted on: February 2, 2016


Finell is a brand I was introduced to at WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica and I fell in love with their minimalistic yet versatile designs. This brand designs anything from serve ware, porcelain dinning sets, to handbags. Every product can easily be a statement piece, not to mention a product that can actually make life easier with certain pieces made to grip and prevent spills!

I can only imagine the wonders the dining set would be for our restaurant friends, no juggling dishes with their amazing interlocking dish set. My personal favorites are the Slide Walnut and Brass Serving Tray and the Orb Crystal Bowl with the Brass Stand—such show stoppers! Check them out below. 

Brittany LeBlanc – FLO junior designer 

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