Burberry – way more than just a pretty face

posted on: January 26, 2016


Who would have known that this iconic brand exploded and blew the minds of us simple folk because of the innovation of weatherproof technology? And all this time I thought Burberry’s clothing and accessories were just another fine thing in life. I must say; I love a good design with reason behind it.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful chair thats sole purpose is to perfectly cradle the shape of your body—why not a trench that can keep you nice and toasty in below freezing temperatures. I came across an exact replica of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 trench coat worn during his Antarctic expedition to the South Pole at one of the Sothebys auctions. Burberry’s weatherproof fabric ‘cotton gabardine’ was a favorite of many polar explorers during that time and is now seriously making me reconsider the concept of “layering”. I always questioned how people could live in areas where it snows more than half the year; everyone must be breaking out there Burberrys during the winter months. Not to mention, their 2015 fall/winter collection are definitely stepping up the standards!

Shop some of my favorite looks below,
Brittany LeBlanc – FLO junior designer  


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