Entries from February 16th, 2016

All about Essential Oil Bracelets

posted on: February 16, 2016


I have been using essential oils for over a year now.  They are incorporated into my daily routine by either applying them to my skin, diffusing them in my home, and even here at the design studio.  I love mixing blends and oils to bring out energy, uplifting spirits, focusing tactics, and good vibes. I am loving these Me +De handmade essential oil bracelets functionality and design. The black porous lava rock stones absorb the oils and leave a lasting scent and usage all throughout the day.  Some of my favorite blends “Stress Away” and “Allergy Blend” are from Sweet Olie. Hopefully this provided some inspiration to learn more and find ways to incorporate natural oils into your own personal daily routine. What a difference they can make!
Lisa Harper – FLO senior designer 

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!

posted on: February 9, 2016


We wanted you ALL to know that we here at FLO have so much love for you! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support driving our passion along, and for that, we are so very grateful. So on this Valentine’s Day, whether you have special plans with a loved one, or have your girlfriends coming over to watch movies, drink wine, and dance the night away, know that we are sending our love your way! XOXO

Finell just made your life a whole lot easier!

posted on: February 2, 2016


Finell is a brand I was introduced to at WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica and I fell in love with their minimalistic yet versatile designs. This brand designs anything from serve ware, porcelain dinning sets, to handbags. Every product can easily be a statement piece, not to mention a product that can actually make life easier with certain pieces made to grip and prevent spills!

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