Entries from January 26th, 2016

Burberry – way more than just a pretty face

posted on: January 26, 2016


Who would have known that this iconic brand exploded and blew the minds of us simple folk because of the innovation of weatherproof technology? And all this time I thought Burberry’s clothing and accessories were just another fine thing in life. I must say; I love a good design with reason behind it.

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We would love to hear from you!

posted on: January 19, 2016


We, here at FLO, want to get to know you better! We would love to open up the opportunity for any feedback that will help us connect the FLO lifestyle better with you all.  What would you like to see more of from us? What do you enjoy seeing or inspires you the most? Is there anything that you don’t like seeing posted or written about? How can we improve? We appreciate you coming along and being supporters of our journey, so as we strive to continue to grow and develop, making sure we are connecting holds the utmost importance to us. Please email any comments to info@flodesignstudio.com or share with us on our Instagram post for the day. Looking forward to hearing from you. Much Love!

Birthday Love to Megan Tagliaferri!

posted on: January 11, 2016


From the entire FLO team, we want to wish the one who started the foundation of FLO, Megan Tagliaferri, a very big Happy Birthday!

Your vision continues to inspire, your inspiration continues to influence, and your influence continues to fulfill the spirit of our dreams each and every day. Thank you for your constant compassion that reflects in everything you do and for your badass creative mind that instills the passion of your craft. We are just lucky to be a part of the journey. Have a beautiful day celebrating another year and let’s face it, making some memorable moments that are worth talking about tomorrow! Xoxo

Clear out your clutter for the New Year!

posted on: January 5, 2016


What better incentive to start out the New Year in a fresh fabulous way other than to de-clutter all the stuff that, let’s be honest, either still has tags on it or that you never wear anymore. In addition, what if you could contribute to your favorite charity while doing it! Fashion Project, an online community, brings together these two wants and makes them a wonderful reality. 55% of each item you donate then sold on their website goes towards the organization of your choice. What’s even more fun, is that you are able to start your own fundraising page through their website to get your family, friends, and others involved in selling your items for a cause close to your heart. This amazing company has been able to reach over 34 countries and partner with over 3,000 non-profits in the short time that they have been in business. I love that you are able to make an impact in other people’s lives around the world while maybe purchasing some great new items for yourself toward someone else’s cause. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution I can get on board with!

For more information on Fashion Project, visit www.fashionproject.com