Entries from December 29th, 2015

New Year Wishes!

posted on: December 29, 2015


Happy New Year from all of us here at FLO Design Studio! We hope that as you reflect on the past, you take the lessons learned and all the wonderful memories made, and look to the future with a heightened personal flow. Keep life ever evolving with a renewed spirit, a fresh start, and a desire for growth within yourself. And of course… don’t forget to have some fun!

Happy Holidays from FLO

posted on: December 22, 2015


This time of the year is so magical and dreamy that if you stop to look around for just a minute, you can almost feel the enchantment of the lights, music, and childlike emotions come to life right before your eyes. There is nothing quite like it. It changes people and people experience the spirit to make change. So during this time where snowmen come to life, hot cocoa with marshmallows is the drink of choice, and reflections bring loved ones together, we here at FLO wish you and your families nothing but happiness and blessings for the Holidays. May your days be full of light and love and the spirit of all things beautiful.

Holiday Giving Back Series – Part 4

posted on: December 17, 2015


To conclude our Holiday Giving Back Series, allow me to shine light on an awesome accessories brand and organization, The Krochet Kids. This non-profit organization based out of our neighboring city of Costa Mesa, CA, started with a humble passion to crochet, a dream to help, and the simple tools of yarn and needles. Three friends who started volunteering in poverty stricken countries throughout college quickly found their calling for what they wanted and needed to do. Today, all product made up of scarves, beanies, bags, etc for Krochet Kids is made entirely by Ugandan and Peruvian women who were once completely dependent upon government camp officials for their every need. Each individual piece that you purchase is signed by the woman who hand made that particular item, adding a very special uniqueness to the experience of support and love put into this mission. What an amazing Holiday gift for someone you love!

For more information, please visit www.krochetkids.org/

Holiday Giving Back Series – Part 3

posted on: December 15, 2015


Continuing right along in our Holiday Giving Back Series, I am beyond moved to help bring to light the beauty that is Uncvrd. Founded by Jen Bedrossian, Uncvrd is a jewelry company right here in our community of Long Beach, CA that started as a “desire for a creative outlet and a desire to make a difference.” Beyond hand curating beautiful pieces that incorporate gems such as white quartz, pyrite, and turquoise, this activist for human trafficking donates 40% of all sales to the local organization, Gems Uncovered. To help with this horrific reality that so many women fall victim to, Gems Uncovered spends every Friday night on the streets doing what they can to support the survival of these women. Their motto is, “ loving people to life, no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve experienced.” By purchasing pieces from their collection, know that you are giving back in a very real way and a part of light in these women’s lives.

To shop Uncvrd and learn more about how you can help, please visit www.uncvrdjewelry.com

Holiday Giving Back Series – Part 2

posted on: December 8, 2015


In the second installment of our Holiday Giving Back Series, we are giving a big shout out to FEED, for their vast efforts in fun lifestyle products that help feed the world. I’m sure you have seen their bags and home design pieces while shopping through some popular stores, but have you ever stopped to look at what that item represents? Each piece of merchandise displays how many meals that item will provide to a starving child. All of a sudden, that item you were interested in adding into to your life, became potentially life changing in someone else’s.

To check out and shop the latest holiday inspired collaboration with FEED and West Elm.
Go to www.feedprojects.com/gifts#feed-+-west-elm for more information.

Holiday Giving Back Series – Part 1

posted on: December 1, 2015


For the first blog in the magical month of December, I very much wanted to explore avenues of bringing to light amazing companies with, not only great product ideas for the holiday season, but companies that also integrated the spirit of helping others. So, to kick off our Holiday Giving Back Series during the month of December, let’s explore the wonderful world of Warby Parker. This dynamic company is an eyewear-based brand whose foundation is pretty simple. “Good eyewear, good outcome.” They put the experience first in everything that they try to do, from creating a fun buying experience for their customers, producing carbon neutral products, to making sure their employees are happy and empowered. But what makes this simple motto so special is that with every purchase of a single pair of eyewear, they match that amount, and donate the money to nonprofit organizations in other countries to source glasses at ultra affordable costs.  They train men and women in these countries to help them make a living, which is pretty incredible. Warby Parker believes that “Our customers, employees, community, and environment are our stakeholders. We consider them in every decision that we make.” Learning about their story has definitely inspired me. I hope reading about their story has, in turn, inspired all of you.