Entries from September 29th, 2015

Artistry at its Finest

posted on: September 29, 2015


Satsuki Shibuya is a painter, artist, and spiritual thinker, living and working in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Her work is based upon intuition, energy and spirit, exploring the realms of the unknown to bridge the gaps between the traditionally tangible and the unseen. Through watercolors, visualizations of universal metaphysics appear with a focus on themes such as nature, energies and aspects of everyday life. Each piece created embarks us on an unique and personal journey into our own souls in hopes that we emerge not only inspired about peace and harmony, but also with enlightened appreciations for this world in which we all live and share.”

Badass Wallpaper

posted on: September 22, 2015


Ok, so I have to admit that when a wallpaper company uses curse words to describe their vision in their “About Us” section, it kind of makes me love them even more! Black Crow Studios is absolutely “badass” in what they do. Most of their product and services they offer are custom done, which, who wouldn’t want something others don’t have right? It’s not only about the end result you get with this company, though. It is all about the passion they bring to the table. FLO design studio has partnered with them in the past many times and is always overly giddy at what comes to life.


posted on: September 15, 2015


This store I love so much, I had to share it with you all. Growing up in the Pacific North West, it is so awesome to see beautiful and inspirational retail spaces develop there. With its first doors opening in Seattle in 2003, Totokaelo continues to expand and grow into the competitive market with its main headquarters moving to New York City. Their vision is special. Their mission is to curate unique beauty into people’s existence. Check out their website for more inspiration and, of course, to shop some very cool pieces.

Washable Paper Bags? Oh yeah

posted on: September 8, 2015


The Aussie’s are at it again. I just came across these bags that are amazing and mostly originating and orderable from Australia. They are storage bags made from 100% washable cultivated paper that look like worn in leather to the eye. They can be washed repeatedly holding up to the durability of day-to-day life, but oh so friendly to the environment. Use them for multiple storage solutions around your home, as stylish holders for your plants, or while making a fashion statement on the go. No matter which way you choose, you can take comfort in knowing you are doing a good deed for mother earth.

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The Soft World

posted on: September 1, 2015


I am so excited to tell you all about the world that is “The soft world.” Owner and designer, Beatrice Waanders, who has an interior design architect background, created this one of a kind brand based out of Holland. What she does is magic and beautiful. Traveling around the world using the ancient technique of felting, she creates wool masterpieces for home and lifestyle. Every process, material, and technique that goes into making these beauties are 100% animal and environmentally friendly, with so much love and respect that is held for these animals. Each work of art is natural and unique, and I am delighted that I could share a little bit about it with you today.

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