Entries from April 18th, 2014

Spring Breakin’

posted on: April 18, 2014


Right about now we’re California Dreamin’ of a poolside getaway. Whether it’s for spring break or one of the many music festivals headed our way … who’s going to Coachella?! We’ve got some essentials, inspired by our current trend boards, to get you started and through your magical, music-filled adventures.

Ace Hotel – Everyone’s favorite desert getaway is still the place to be.

Brixton – Hats are a must if you’re going to be under the sun for a long period. Cute ones add even more sun protection (not really, but still).

J.Crew – This tulle retro two piece is the cutest ode to French swimwear.

Karen Walker – These heavy gold mirror lensed glasses will not only have you looking cool, but seeing cool.

Tide & Pool – Stay dry and relaxed with this perfectly oversized, double-sided towel.

Boxed Water Is Better – Stay hydrated, hydrated, hydrated!

Sun Bum – Keep your skin screened from the sun with this paraben free choice.

Photo: Ace Hotel

April Trend Boards

posted on: April 8, 2014


Spring has sprung! Welcome to the April trend boards that are keeping us inspired this month. Whether it’s a restaurant, swimsuit, or home decor, soft pastels are definitely setting the decorative tone for a light-filled, stylish Spring.

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