Entries from July 31st, 2012

Bodacious Summer Loving

posted on: July 31, 2012


FLO gets inspired by the vivid colors, free spirit and playfulness of summer!

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Boho Mod

posted on: July 30, 2012


Check out our studio’s newest favorite trend, Boho Mod. A style with Bohemian Spirit and worn-in causal chic. The crisp monochromatic color schemes with splashes of color and global vibe create an eased comfort. It takes mid-century modern vintage pieces blended with dressed down metallic’s. This look wouldn’t be complete without it’s crisp geometric patterns and organic natural accents.

The Boho look has been donning today’s fashion industry and Flo now wants to see more interiors reflecting this effortless style. It creates the natural aesthetic for intimate casual gathering or gives the perfect hipster flair to any party.

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LA Style

posted on: July 29, 2012


At the heart of California’s trendsetting style is Los Angeles, where sunshine and fashion are always flooding the streets. In this city of dreams, anything goes and it is that bold fearlessness that defines LA funk. At Flo, we are inspired by the dirty glam-rock vibes that are imbedded in LA’s fashion, design and social environments. As we embark on our newest Los Angeles project, we turn to the quintessential LA style to find our design aesthetic;bohemian luxe meets sultry sophistication with a touch of grungy pop. Stay tuned for more of Flo Design Studio’s up and coming designs; Its going to rock your world!

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Ooh La La

posted on: July 25, 2012


Provocative yet sophisticated, French Revival is Flo Design Studios latest trend to follow. At Flo Design, we find the greatest inspirations come from the past, where the root of culture and design meet. French design is traditional by nature but when mixed with plush geometric prints, sleek vein cut stone and mid century modern furnishings, an eclectic and modern style is born. Our take on french flair is sure to sweep you away, Bonjour!

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